Working Groups

All-Attainment Learning and Teaching Group

All teachers, whatever the structures adopted by their mathematics department, work with students with very diverse learning needs. The All-Attainment Learning and Teaching Group is interested in the kinds of mathematical tasks which are accessible, open and rich enough to meet the needs of learners across the attainment spectrum.

The group work on mathematics together and discuss the opportunities and tensions that exist in school classrooms. The workshops focus on sharing practice. Some of the group bring stories from the classroom by using the activities that they have previously explored together. They aim to bring with them a mathematical task which they have used with a range of learners. They consider how to work with a mathematical task in the classroom, how to develop it and the sort of questions they need to ask to extend students' mathematical thinking.

For more information please contact Colin Jackson or Hilary Povey.

Gattegno Reading Group

The Gattegno Reading Group meets three times a year in London. They read and discuss essays by Caleb Gattegno; usually ones that relate to his model of learning.

It is not necessary to already be acquainted with Gattegno's work to join the group as discussions will always involve aspects of the groups' personal experiences, as informed by Gattegno's input.

Gattegno was one of the founders of ATM and a pioneer in many aspects of mathematics education. He also made significant contributions in the teaching of literacy and foreign languages. Over his lifetime, he developed a model of learning that has transformed the work of many teachers.

If you are interested in joining the Gattegno Reading Group please contact Piers Messum, who will be happy to discuss any queries you may have.

Science of Education Group

The Science of Education Group is committed to working within the theme of ‘Science of Education’ — a phrase coined by Caleb Gattegno. The group meets two or three times a year and the aim is to create a ‘product’, possibly a publication of some type. This first phase of the group had a focus on imagery and its role within various areas of mathematics. Group members worked on individual writing and these have been put together into a booklet that we hope will eventually be published by ATM. 

The group is now in its second phase, with a focus on 'Awareness and Educating Awareness'. They had an open call for new members recently and are now working towards a new publication.

Please look out for the call to join the third phase of the group - or email Alf Coles to register your interest. Anyone is welcome to join the group, however they would ask that anyone who is interested is able to commit to the theme of the Science of Education Group over a period of time.