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To be announced. 

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Saturday 26 Nov 2016 - 9:30am meet and greet with refreshments. Sessions begin 10am and finish 12:30pm
Great lessons can come from simple resources

Do you teach maths? Are you training to teach maths?

Come and meet like-minded colleagues at our first Wolverhampton Branch ATM meeting

Register your attendance to Diane.cochrane@wlv.ac.uk by 19th November 2016. A local Teach Meet for anyone who teaches Maths at Primary, Secondary or Post 16 phase. 

ATM/MA members £2, (please bring membership number) students £2 - non-members £5.

The aims of each meeting are : 

News round up: Sharing the latest news about what is happening in mathematics education and how you can engage with this.  

Networking: Time to meet with colleagues from a variety of sectors in education and build links and connections to support your ongoing work.

Maths for ourselves and the classroom: How often do we have chance to explore some mathematics?  Our speakers will aim to rekindle your enjoyment in aspects ot the subject and offer some ideas for you to use in the classroom in the process.

 Venue: University of Wolverhampton, MB007 Outreach Laboratory, City Campus, Wolverhampton, WV1 1LY