White Paper Responses

Policy and Responses to Initiatives

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics produces policy statements and publishes its responses to National and Government initiatives. Current and past statements and responses can be reached from here.

ATM Policy

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) expresses its views through its official organs, the journal Mathematics Teaching and this ATM website. We also write to individuals and organisations on issues of we consider to be of national importance.

Any views expressed by individual members (including Officers of the ATM) on any other media do not necessarily reflect the official position of the ATM. We would recommend that any person encountering such views considers them alongside our stated aims and guiding principles.

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics aims to support the teaching and learning of mathematics by:

  • encouraging increased understanding and enjoyment of mathematics
  • encouraging increased understanding of how people learn mathematics
  • encouraging the sharing and evaluation of teaching and learning strategies and practice
  • promoting the exploration of new ideas and possibilities
  • initiating and contributing to discussion of and developments in mathematics education at all levels.

Our guiding principles are:

  • The ability to operate mathematically is an aspect of human functioning which is as universal as language itself. Attention needs constantly to be drawn to this fact. Any possibility of intimidating with the mathematical expertise is to be avoided.
  • The power to learn rests with the learner. Teaching has a subordinate role. The teacher has a duty to seek out ways to engage the power of the learner.
  • It is important to examine critically approaches to teaching and to explore new possibilities, whether deriving from research, from technological developments or from the imaginative and insightful ideas of others.
  • Teaching and learning are cooperative activities. Encouraging a questioning approach and giving due attention to the ideas of others are attitudes to be encouraged.

Influence is best sought by building networks of contacts in professional circles.

All our statements are moderated through our General Council, Executive or Officers in order that they reflect our aims and guiding principles.

Executive: Association of Teachers of Mathematics