Video and Film

ATM would like to introduce you to a collection of old and new films that can be accessed below. There is also a large collection of other videos available through the ATM YouTube channel.

Trevor Fletcher Films - This film illustrates the properties of the cardioid which are connected with its generation as a one-cusped epicycloid.

Kaleidoscope Films - In a Mathematics Teaching article (MT206), Geoff Faux contributed the special issue on Visualisation with his article: ‘Kaleidoscope’

Sections of a Cube - The outer task shows cutting through a cube in a number of different ways and examining the cross section each time.

Cuts in 2D - This animation was produced as part of the Mathematics Teaching Special Edition on ‘Visualisation’

Triangle made from the side of Regular Polygons - Nicolet film showing that a rightangled triangle can be constructed by making use of the sides of three regular polygons (a pentagon, a hexagon and a decagon).