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Forthcoming Meetings

To be announced. 

Previous Meetings

Friday 8th May 2015 • 16:30 - 18:00 

Refreshments from 16:00

Venue: Sheffield Hallam University, in the Owen building 9th floor room 944.   

Feedback from the Easter conference

Please can everyone who went come ready to talk about your favourite session and anything you have or are hoping to implement in your classroom. 

Election maths

We will have a look at the gerrymandering resource in the Amnesty book and how you might use local results in data handling lessons. 

Introducing  problem solving in ‘odd moments’  with ATM publication “8 days a week” 

At 6pm we will go for a meal somewhere in the centre of town. Please feel free to arrive/ leave  at any point! And to forward this email on to others who might like to join us

Friday 13th March 16:30-18:00

Extreme maths teaching

Several of the group have taken up Bryony's challenge to try some extreme maths teaching. We will be hearing how they are getting on and planning for the ATM conference session.

Problem solving and reasoning

The aims of the new national curriculum have been a favourite interview topic for our student teachers this year. We will be looking at ATM resources old and new that can help build problem solvers and thinkers.

Venue: Owen Building 9th floor room 942.

Download the flyer here.  

Tuesday 18th June • 16:30-18:00 

What do you see when you think about times tables?

We will start by thinking about how multiple representations can help students to make connections and develop an understanding of structure.

Maths outdoors in the summer term

A group of beginning teachers will share some ideas for maths trails and we will discuss what makes a trail successful.

Dare to develop

Corinne and Bryony will present some ATM resources and we will discuss how they can support teachers to take risks and try new approaches.

Wed 30 Jan 2013 • 16:30-18:00

Some interactive teaching tools for geometry: a few activities and challenges, including ICT, to help in KS2 and KS3.... and might just make it more fun!

One member has asked if we can discuss, time permitting, Mr Gove’s ideas on ‘real maths’ for post 16. Bring your thoughts.

Room 3.2, Department of Education, University of Sheffield, Glossop Road, S10 2JA

There will be information on ATM membership and samples of ATM publications available at the meeting.

Wed 19 Sep 2012

Early number and calculation

Members worked with some practical number and calculation materials including Cuisenaire, Dienes and Numicon. Working in pairs through a carousel of activities they were able to sample, discuss and design activities for integrating such equipment into teaching whether with young children or re-visiting early number for children with difficulties learning mathematics.

Maria Pittaway from St Pius X Catholic High School, Rotherham offered a idea from her own teaching using matchsticks. Single matchsticks were used as units while bundles of sticks bound by an elastic band represented tens. In this way, addition could be modelled by ‘bundling’ where the units came to more than 10 and splitting bundles helped model decomposition with subtraction. Very visual, very effective...and easily done!

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Goldthorpe

Wed 27 Jun 2012

Grid Algebra

Marijke Walters De Veerman from Swinton gave an engaging and informative presentation of the ATM Grid Algebra software. Beginning with a fast-paced and thought-provoking game linking with factors, Marijke offered the challenge of working out missing numbers and modelled how the software will enable learners to see missing numbers can be expressed in terms of a chosen starting number...offering an insight into algebraic structure.

Members were then able to work individually with the software, getting familiar with its use and exploring more ways of working in class.

Swinton Community School, Rotherham

Thu 03 May 2012

Rich Tasks and Challenges

Joe Murray, Teaching and learning consultant – mathematics, will offer some ideas from new ATM publications.

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