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Variety in Mathematics Lessons

By Colin Foster

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Variety in Mathematics Lessons is a guide for teachers who wish to offer a greater diversity of experiences to learners in their school mathematics lessons. Fourteen different models of mathematics lesson are described, alongside concrete examples of how they can be implemented within core curriculum topics. Prompts and questions are provided, together with suggestions of further avenues that learners might explore. Many areas of the 11-16 mathematics curriculum are included and any mathematics teacher will find a wealth of stimulating ideas to use with their learners.

Variety in Mathematics Lessons is also available as a PDF download

The author Colin Foster writes:

“...to many, students lessons appear dry, predictable, routine and uninspiring. Yet there is no need for mathematics to be experienced in such a dull manner, as there are countless more imaginative ways of structuring mathematics lessons.”

Colin Foster - author

"I absolutely love this book.  This is because every idea within can be adopted and adapted for use in, and to enhance any scheme of work"

Mike Ollerton


Review by Mark Dawes

Review by Mike Ollerton 

Review by Peter Hall

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