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Primitives Posters - PDF

Primitives Posters - PDF

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Primitives Posters - PDF


Primitives posters explore the patterns in number that emerge from looking at their prime factors.

Numbers are displayed as coloured sets of dots and will provoke student to think about numbers in terms of their prime factors.

Posters 1–3 are presented in a 'six column' gird formation and are designed to be displayed vertically creating a large number grid from 1 to 54.  Being displayed in six columns makes it easier to see the patterns that the colored bands highlight.   Poster 4 (not shown) is displayed as a Loop Poster which helps express the complexity of number when viewed this way and the apparently random position of the prime numbers.

Included are ideas on how to use the posters in the classroom.

Also included is a copy of an article writen for Mathematics Teaching in which the author describes a teaching approach to prime numbers using the systems shown on the posters.


This is a bright, colourful, rich, interesting resource that makes pupils think about how different numbers can be represented; deep thinking is at the heart of this poster and it encourages teachers to ask pupils that all important question ‘why?’

Greg Thomas (Private Education Consultant 

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