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Decoding Mathematics

Intelligent practice through procedural variation in KS2 and KS3

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This photocopiable resource uses codes in order to make mathematics clear and includes activities with hints and suggestions for further activities.  Several activities come with an invitation to make up more codes of your own and sometimes this may be comparatively easy; at other times this may be quite challenging, particularly if you want to make up problems that have unique solutions.

Secret codes are usually employed when someone wants to make things less clear. The intention in this book is to employ codes to makes the mathematics clearer. In some cases it is the process of decoding that draws attention to the structure of the mathematics; in other cases, the coding is used as a way of describing the mathematics. In all cases, coding calls for the person engaged in coding or decoding to pay attention to the structure of the mathematics being coded in order to enhance awareness of the mathematics.

Suitable for KS2, 3 and 4.

Derek Ball

ISBN 1 898611 21 1

Review by David Fielker

Review by Peter Hall 

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