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Classroom Activities from the Numeracy Posters - PDF

Classroom Activities from the Numeracy Posters - PDF

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Classroom Activities from the Numeracy Posters - PDF

Set of 12 A4 two-colour photocopiable sheets based on the current ATM Numeracy Posters.

Can be photocopied as handouts or turned into acetates to provide an introduction to the lesson. Activities can be used by teachers as a focus for whole class teaching.

Designed to develop pupils' numeracy skills.

Ideas on how each of the activites may be used are included in the pack.

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ATM publications embody our guiding principles, offering tasks that teachers can use in their classrooms in a form that allows them to use them immediately.

The PDF download which accompanies most books can be used for presentation on a whiteboard, saving the teacher time and offering different ways to present, run and reflect on the task. 

There is a wide range of publications from Early Years to A level, written by experienced practitioners, that have been scrutinised for the quality of their tasks and narrative.

Most publications include ideas to reflect on for your continuing professional development and to support using the tasks in your classroom.