Mathematics Posters

This is a series of mathematics posters developed by David Pavett covering a number of themes from ‘Makers of Mathematics’ to ‘Maths in the Real World’ and lots more beside.

Makers of Mathematics

  • George Dantzig: who developed the concepts and techniques of linear programming
  • Eratosthenes: most famous today for his ‘sieve’ for finding prime numbers and his calculation of the Earth’s circumference
  • Rózsa Péter: the founder of recursive function theory, she was at the forefront of some of the most advanced mathematical research of her times

Mathematics in the Real World

  • Maths and Music: down the ages people have been struck by the connections and parallels between maths and music
  • Sound of Logarithms: what are logarithms doing in your volume control?
  • Stored Energy: it is interesting that the formulas for different types of stored energy have the same form