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AHAs a member of ATM have you ever considered getting more involved in the running of your Association?

ATM is a registered charity governed by a small group of trustees elected from and by the membership, forming its General Council. Like all trustees General Council members are responsible for ensuring that ATM is run well, finances are managed prudently and we are good employers. We are accountable to the membership and the Charity Commission.

As a member of General Council you may get involved in marketing and membership - all the promotional materials and presence at events needs to be coordinated and decisions made about where to invest limited resource. Developing ATM publications to the high standard for which we are known relies on General Council members working with authors. Our popular annual conference takes over two years to prepare. General Council members work with the office staff to ensure that ATM's profile and reputation are maintained and we utilise resources as effectively as possible.

General Council has three working weekends each year (January, May and September) when they are joined by the journal editor. The honorary secretary, treasurer, convenors of Marketing and Membership, Publications and Conference Business Groups and chair of General Council meet additionally on three Saturdays (March, July and November).

How to apply

Step 1: You must be nominated by a proposer and a seconder. The proposer and seconder are required to  each complete the online Nomination for Election to General Council Application. In addition, the proposer is required to complete a proposer statement of support about the nominee.

Step 2: The nominee is required to fill out the Nominee Declaration online form after they have been nominated. The nominee is required to complete a statement of support about themselves and why they wish to join ATM General Council. 

Please note: Your application will not be considered until we have received the proposer nomination and statement, the seconder nomination and the nominee's statement of support.

If you have any difficulties with the process please contact the ATM Senior Administrative Officer.

If you would like to know more about joining General Council please contact me or any other member of General Council. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do consider standing for General Council - we need you!

Anne Haworth - Chair of ATM General Council 

What is General Council?

  • It is the group of members with responsibility for:
  • keeping the Association going
  • dealing with the Business of the Association including journal, web, marketing, conference and publications
  • providing direction for the Association and its administrators

General Council Members

  • are trustees of the Association for five years
  • ensure that the business of the Association is conducted in line with its aims and guiding principles
  • attend three weekend meetings a year
  • communicate with each other and the office on a regular basis

Joining General Council

  • All members are eligible to stand for General Council
  • General Council members are elected or co-opted
  • Any member of General Council would be happy to discuss your interest in joining.

Telephone 01332 346599 or email and ask for General Council information – today!

I attended my first GC weekend and was heartened by the degree of focus and commitment of colleagues to the aims of the association. The AT(A)M started as a conversation in response to the Butler Act expansion of secondary schools in England after the Second War War. I had followed their debate in the archives of professional journals - many of which are available through Mathematics Teaching (MT). Having benefited from my interactions with ATM's networkers on early algebra I joined GC to contribute to the conversation through the development of the organisation.

Ian Benson, 2015

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