First 10 Years

The Association for Teaching Aids in Mathematics (ATAM) was founded in 1952 by a number of enthusiastic teachers from all over the UK, led by Caleb Gattegno and Roland Collins. An early aim of the Association was that all children should learn mathematics through lively and interesting experiences.

A decision to change the name of the association to the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) was initiated at the 1962 AGM and took effect in June 1962.

An account of the first decade of AT(A)M and the Associations' first constitution offer the opportunity to learn more about the Association’s early years.

ATM now

Our Association began as a technical team to improve teaching aids in order to improve teaching and it is necessary for the committee to retain its elasticity of mind in order to be able to lead in new directions

Caleb Gattegno, 1956

The Association continues to thrive and throughout its history has retained the ideals that the teaching of mathematics should more closely resemble the needs of the learner. ATM will continue to lead in new directions and retain the ethos of the association’s Aims & Guiding Principles.


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