Governance and Council

ATM General Council

ATM is a registered charity (charity number: 293125) and governed by its General Council who abide by the Articles of Association. 

What is the General Council?

The General Council consider the policy and strategic development of the Association on behalf of ATM membership. GC consists of members who are elected onto General Council as a Trustee for up to 5 years. They may be an Executive Officer for at least 3 of those years. 

Future Meetings

The General Council meet three weekends each year to break off into Business Groups and attend a GC meeting. The Executive Committee meet on a further three Saturdays each year. 



21 January 2017  General Council          
11 March 2017  Executive Committee
13 May 2017   General Council
15 July 2017   Executive Committee
23 September 2017   General Council
11 November 2017  Executive Committee

General council needs your help

If you would like to play a more active role in the running of ATM and have an interest in social media, marketing, conferences or publications, or substantial primary mathematics education experience please contact the Chair of the ATM General Council for a conversation about how you can get involved.

My first GC weekend meeting was fascinating and, now that I am part of it, I can see how well it all functions to do the work of the association. It has been particularly interesting to get to know my colleagues on GC and to appreciate the body of expertise represented there.

If we as an association are to have impact on how teachers work, both because of and in spite of changes imposed from ‘above’, we need folk who are committed to mathematics education to be involved as members of ATM and of GC. Heather Davis, 2014