AboutThe Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) was established in 1952 to encourage the teaching and learning of mathematics by relating more closely to the needs of the learner.

ATM is a registered charity and has a membership of approximately 3000 individual teachers, schools and institutions.

ATM has a range of membership options and anyone with an interest in mathematic teaching is welcome to join.

ATM is governed by its General Council. All profits from subscriptions and trading are re-invested to support the development of mathematics education in line with ATM's Aims and Guiding Principles.

ATM offers a number of CDP opportunities that include the annual conference, local branch meetings and regional one-day events.

Through its membership network, ATM has maintained its position as a powerful and authoritative association which responds and speaks with authority on matters relating to the learning and teaching of mathematics and influences decisions to the benefit of all who are learning mathematics.