ATM local branches

Working within the aims and guiding principles of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, ATM Branches provide the opportunity for professionals to share ideas and experiences in their own areas.

Benefits Include:

  • The opportunity to meet teachers from other schools affected by the same issues as you
  • Meeting people from different phases of education - primary/ secondary/ tertiary
  • Discovering new ideas from session leaders who are experts in their respective fields
  • Revisiting old ideas with a fresh new perspective
  • Establishing a connection between the national ATM teachers in a locality

Active Branches

Attending a Branch meeting in your area

You don’t need to be invited to join a branch. Simply select whichever branch is closest to where you work/live and then signup to attend the next meeting. Each Branch page includes details about the meeting location, cost (if applicable), time & meeting theme. If you would like to know more we encourage you to contact your nearest Branch leader or the Branches administrator.

Setting up a new Branch

If you’re interested in setting up a new Branch ATM invite you to contact the ATM Branches Officer who will support and guide you in establishing and developing your own Branch. Our downloadable Branch Pack  also offers a detailed guide on how to set up and run ATM branches.