2016 Consultations

ATM send letter to the Schools that Work for Everyone

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The Joint Primary Expert Group of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) and the Mathematical Association (MA) Welcome Justine Greening to her New Role

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See the response from Nick Gibb here.

The Meeting of Mathematics Subject Associations_ Mathematics Subject Knowledge Enhancement  courses (SKEs)

MMSA has written to NCTL to raise concerns about recent changes to funding arrangements for pre-service subject knowledge enhancement courses. MMSA proposes that larger bursaries should be given to students who follow a course that includes a substantial face-to-face component.

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ATM Send a Letter of Congratulations and Introduce Themselves to Justine Greening

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ATM Responds to the Consultation on the Draft Standards for Functional Skills

ATM has responded to the consultation on the draft standards for Functional Skills. ATM prefers the current version that has a greater emphasis on process skills. The atomistic description of content could distort teaching and assessment, undermining the purpose of functional skills that candidates apply their mathematics knowledge and skills to problems set in plausible adult contexts.

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MMSA write to Justine Greening Regarding Proposed Y7 'Progress Check' Tests

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The Meeting of Mathematics Subject Associations write to Nicky Morgan

The Meeting of Mathematics Subject Associations write to Nicky Morgan to express concernsabout the proposed Year 7 progress check to be taken by all learners who fail to achieve the ‘expected standard’ at the end of Key Stage 2, early in their secondary education.

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Department of Education Response 

ATM responds to Ofqual's consultation on GCE mathematics and further mathematics

ATM supports the revised assessment objectives and weightings, but raises concerns about increased demand if marks for standard techniques  are only available after problem solving and reasoning challenges have been addressed. ATM is also concerned about the large data set requirements when the working group failed to come up with any examples. ATM believes that marks for problem solving and reasoning should be accessible to all candidates.

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ATM responds to Ofqual's consulations on calculators in GCSEs and GCEs

ATM welcomes the proposed changes but wishes to see awarding organisations working together to ensure a consistent approach that is easily understood and implemented.

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ATM and the MA Respond Jointly to the Ofqual Consultation on A Level and GCSE Resits

Ofqual has consulted on arrangements for resits during the period of qualification reform. ATM and the MA have stated their belief that candidates should be entitled to resit the qualification for which they studied in the subsequent year. The linked pair of GCSEs could be an exception as there are few candidates and the legacy GCSE is embedded within the pair, so they should be able to take the legacy GCSE in 2017.

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ATM/MA express concern about NCTL booklet about CPD for teachers of STEM subjects 

ATM and the MA were shocked to find that the NCTL booklet Continuous Professional Development for Teachers - STEM subjects, published last year contained no reference to either of our associations or, indeed, to other relevant subject associations. Perhaps even more shockingly, the word ‘technology’ does not appear anywhere in the report!

We wrote a joint letter to protest about the inadequacy of the booklet and received a letter in response that did acknowledge the weaknesses of the publication and stating that an update is planned.

ATM/MA Joint Letter

NCTL Response

Letter to Teachers' Unions

ATM send a ketter to the Teachers' Unions. ATM considers, however, that the new National Curriculum and its associated proposed tests at KS2 are not fit for purpose and place undue burdens on children and teachers.

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NUT Response