2015 Consultations

Joint ATM-MA Primary Group Letter sent to Nicky Morgan MP and their response

The Joint ATM-MA Primary Group sent a letter to Nicky Morgan MP regarding the  the imminent changes to early years assessment.

Full details are available here.

The response from Nicky Morgan's Department is here.

Response to the KS1-2 Performance Descriptors Consultation

The ATM/MA primary group worked together to respond to the proposed performance descriptions for KS1 and KS2. They argue that a single description should be constructed for each Key Stage which sets out the mathematical behaviours that might be expected of the 'average' child who has followed the new programme of study consistent with the aims. The 'working mathematically' description in the KS3 and KS4 programmes of study are suggested as a possible starting point.

 Full Details are available in this report. 

ATM response to the World Class Teaching Profession consultation 

ATM responds to the World Class Teaching Profession consultation emphasising professional development as an expectation for all teachers and the importnace of subject association membership.

 Full details available in this report

Response from Nick Gibb regarding Joint ATM/MA Primary Committee letter

See the response from the Joint ATM/MA Primary Committee letter, originally starting with the letter sent to Nicky Morgan (You can access the letter chain here).

Full details are available here.

ACME: Initial teacher education of teachers of mathematics: have your say

ATM has responded to ACME's call emphasising the need for on-going professional development throughout a teacher's career and the importance of developing generic transferable skills during initial teacher education. ATM also advocates subject association membership for all involved in initial teacher education and HEI involvement.

Full details are available in this report

A standard for teachers’ professional development – response from ATM

Full details are available in this report. 

ATM contact the new Shadow Secretary of State for Education

ATM contact Lucy Powell to congratulate her on her appointment as Shadow Secretary of State for Education and ask to discuss some issues and raise some concerns relevant to the teaching and learning of mathematics in our schools, colleges and universities.

Full details are available in this report.

ATM responds to the consultation on GCSE, AS and A level statistics

ATM has responded to the DfE and Ofqal consultations on reformed qualifications in statistics. ATM is concerned that the additional content proposed for GCSE statistics and the removal of controlled assessment is inappropriate given the changes to GCSE mathematics and will make the qualification less attractive to schools.

ATM does not believe that AS and A level statistics should continue. The current participation levels are very small and the new AS and A level mathematics qualifications have compulsory statistics. The new Core Maths qualifications also incorporate substantial statistics content. In all these qualifications emphais is on the statistical enquiry cycle and the use of real data.

Full details are available in this report.