2012 Consultations

National Curriculum Review Response

The ATM and MA Joint Primary Group have submitted their response to the National Curriculum Programmes of Study review.

English politicians are looking to Singapore [yet] those in Singapore are dissatisfied with the national approach to mathematics and are changing the teaching so that problem solving and creativity are even more central.

We find it surprising that the Ofsted findings are not reflected in this draft curriculum.

Whatever the child’s age, the recommendation that ‘before moving on to formal representations, children must have secure conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas’ needs to be built into the curriculum.

[Replace] the statements that ‘children will carry out word problems’ with ‘children will solve a variety of problems and record and interpret results’, and [replace] some of the references to ‘practise’ or 'recall' with words such as ‘understand’, ‘explore’ or ‘investigate’.

The nature of the assessment and accountability regime will influence the way in which the curriculum is delivered.

The bottom line is that success will cost money.