2006-2010 Consultations


Level 3 Qualifications • Jun 2010

The current review of A Levels and other level 3 qualifications in mathematics subjects will not continue.

“I would like to thank [ATM and others] who have contributed to the current review...”


Dismantling the Strategies

“Moves to dismantle the national strategies are welcomed by the Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM).”






End of KS3 tests

ATM calls unreservedly for a rapid announcement with immediate effect from the Schools Secretary, as part of his wider overhaul of assessment, to end schools’ requirement to run National Tests for 7 and 11-year-olds.

Response to Williams Review • 2008

Helping children to move from known facts to derived facts requires the teacher to be a skilful facilitator who has a clear understanding of the mathematical landscape.


Impact of Assessment

There is a deep concern about the pressures to ‘teaching to the test’, which focuses on short term goals and a narrow range of skills. This is to the detriment of developing understanding, providing opportunities for skills and knowledge to be applied, encouraging positive attitudes and providing a broader education.

KS3 Reforms

To enable subject teachers to develop a concept and processes led KS3 curriculum, there is a need for subject specific CPD; generic CPD should be avoided. There should be an emphasis on curriculum making. There was a widespread feeling that the cascade model did not work well. CPD would need time off timetable.

Report of the Subject Association Working Group consultation seminar with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority: Examining the draft revised Programmes of Study for the KS3 National Curriculum; the role of subjects within the curriculum advice to DfES, QCA and other bodies.



Early Years Consultation

Mathematical learning is not about acquiring ‘blobs’ of knowledge of increasing difficulty. It is about learning to draw on knowledge and skills to reason and solve problems. We have to help both practitioners and children recognise links between, what might appear to be discrete, parts of mathematics.

Changes to Maths Framework

We should be focusing on building lifelong learners, and that requires we address the different learning styles children use. We are aware of no evidence that under 7s learn best by having whole class objective-led maths lessons.