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Working with MATHS

Working with Maths

The 'Working with Maths' DVD has five x 5-minute clips with young interviewees all filmed in the workplace. They talk about their work, career paths and the relevance of chemistry across a broad range of careers. Interviews include an equity analyst, payroll assistant, chartered accountant, stone mason and computer games software engineer. 



math sense (1)

In Math Sense, Chris Motynihan explores some of the components that make up the look, sound, and feel of effective teaching and learning.This new book is an exciting follow-up to the authors' bestsellers on differentiated math instruction, Good Questions and More Good Questions. Does the landscape of the classroom feature such items as student work samples, a math literature collection, and a number line? Do the lessons include wait time, checks for understanding and written feedback? Do you feel a spirit of collaboration, risk taking and a sense of pride? 

Eyes on Math

eyes on math

Eyes on Math is a unique teaching resource that provides engaging, full-color graphics and pictures with text showing teachers how to use each image to stimulate mathematical teaching conversations around key K-8 concepts. Teachers using the book can download images for projection onto classroom whiteboards or screens. the questions and asnwers will help both students and teachers look more deeply and see the math behind the math!

Sciencia Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy for All


Curious about quarks, quasers and the fantastic universe around you? Ever wanted to explore mathematical proof? Need some trigonometry fast? Want to swap up physics, chemistry, or learn some new biology? Ever wondered why your scratches itch before you go to sleep?
Beautifully illustrated and packed with fascinating and useful information, SCIENCIA is the ultimate one-stop science reference book for inquisitive readers for all ages. Whether you just want to bursh up on what you learnt at school, still are at school, or never went to school, these pages will test you, stretch you, and make you brainier. 

The Fear of Maths

the fear of maths

The Fear of Maths: How to Overcome it is for parents and teachers looking for a way to encourage and help their children. It is based on teaching maths as a set of principles (rather than a series of facts to be memorised) to be understood, and how they can be used in various situations, to make numbers seem less threatening and, perhaps for the first time, to begin to make sense. Numbers are integral to everyday life, from checking the cost of shopping and understanding a train timetable to calculating the best value mobile phone deal, and Steve Chinn brings maths into everyday life. Providing a solid foundation The FEar of Maths: How to Overcome it will inspire the confidence that will make learning maths easier. 

Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics

essential statistics

Essential Statistics, Regression, and Econometrics aims to help students in an introductory statistics course develop the statistical reasoning they need for econometric. Many students mistakenly believe that statistics courses are too abstract, mathematical, and tedious to be useful or interesting. To demonstrate the power, elegance, and even beauty of statistical reasoning, this textbook provides hundreds of interesting and relevant examples, and discusses not only the uses but also the abuses of statistics. these examples show how statistical reasoning can be used to answer important questions and also to expose the errors-accidental or intentional-that people often make.


More Problem Solving The creative side of mathematics 

more problem solving ma (1)

Mathematics is everywhere, and this is the secind book Derek Holtin shows how the ordinary can become the extraordinary when viewed through a mathematical prim. be prepared to slice through cubes, lick stamps and fill jugs of water - along the way spot the patterns, make conjectures and see it through to a mathematical result and its proof. here are everyday problems to taunt, delight - and to solve.


Partial Differential Equations 

Partial Differntial equations

Uniquely provides fully solved problems for linear partial differential equations and boundary value problems Partial Differential Equations: Theory and Completely Solved Problems utilizes real-world physical models alongside essential theoretical concepts. With extensive examples, the book guides readers through the use of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) for successfully solving and modeling phenomena in engineering, biology, and the applied sciences. The book focuses exclusively on linear PDEs and how they can be solved using the separation of variables technique. 


The Impact of Identity in K-8 Mathematics 

the impact

Each teacher and student brings many identities to the classroom. What is their impact on the student's learning and the teacher's teaching of mathematics?
this book invites K-8 teachers to reflect on their own and their studnets' multiple identities. Rich possibilities for learning result when teachers draw on these identities to offer high-quality, equity-based teaching to all studnets.


One Equals Zero and Other Mathematical Suprises 

one equals zero

One Equals Zero! Every number is greater than itself! All triangles are isosceles! Suprised? Welcome to the world of One Equals Zero and Other Mathematical Supirses. In this engaging book of blackline activity masters, all men are bald, mistakes are lucky, and teachers can never spring suprise tests on their students!


High Yield Routines 

highh yield routines

Boost student participation and proficiency with high-yield, effective mathematical routines.


The Elementary Mathematics Specialist's Handbook 

the elementary mathematics specialists handbook

The transition from classroom teacher to elementary mathematics specialist is challenging, but the principal can smooth specialist's path by reassuring teachers that the new specialist is there to support them, not judge them.