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Conference 2016

Mathematics as a Human Endeavour

The Easter Conference is an annual highlight of ATM's programme of professional development events. Explore new ideas and be inspired!

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ATM provide an exceptional range of products that offer an effective source to help support teachers in the classroom, including publications, journals, software and much more...

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The Mathematics Teaching bimonthly journal provides an invaluable series of interesting pedagogical ideas, stimulating activities, thought-provoking research and good practice for the classroom.

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Membership of ATM is open to all who have an interest in the learning and teaching of mathematics. ATM speaks for creativity, thought, and the enjoyment of the struggle in calculation, reasoning and discovery through mathematics.

We believe that the power to learn rests with the learner and that teaching has a subordinate role. The teacher has a duty to seek out ways to engage the power of the learner.

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ATM brings together nearly 4 000 people worldwide who are concerned with mathematical education in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

  • icon ben 1Professional support – being part of a community where ideas are generated and shared 
  • icon ben 2MT journal – 5 editions each year focusing on the teaching and learning of Mathematics
  • icon ben 3High quality recognised CPD - the annual Easter Conference, networking opportunities and local Branches
  • icon ben 4Members area of the website – including the fantastic online back-catalogue of articles and interactive resources links
  • icon ben 525% discount – off ATM resources and materials

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4. Jocelyn D'Arcy.

Staff NameJocelyn D'Arcy

PositionWorking & Standing Group Officer - Trustee

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ATM Conference

'Mathematics as a Human Endeavour' 

29 March - 1 April 2016 at Chesford Grange, Warwick

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